Reviews of Steamy East and related fiction

Reviews of fictional works by author and title

Here you will find reviews of Steamy East and other fictional works set in Asia, or involving putatively Asian characters in places outside Asia. The reviews are not intended to represent the vast body of such literature, which runs to thousands if not tens of thousands of titles. See Genres for a more systematic overview of the entire body of such literature.

The reviews are listed by author, year, and title.

Reviews of works of Steamy East literature -- novels, short stories, plays, films, even a few poems -- are listed here by author and title.

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Works with more than one title are listed under each title. The year indicates when the listed title was first published. The country where a title was published may appear after the title (e.g., UK, US).

When there is more than one review of a work, each review is listed, with the initials of the source (e.g., AEN, MDN, JT, FEER) and/or the reviewer (e.g., MS, WW) after the title

Series titles

Series titles are also listed. When the title is that of a series, the year indicates the year the series began.

Most links of series titles are directed at articles in the "Characters" section.

Genres, settings, and themes

Each work has been described by a genre, setting, and theme. Some stories can be classified under more than one genre. Most stories are set in more than one locale. All stories have more than one theme. Here only what the reviewers consider the principle genre, setting, and theme are shown.

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act = action
adv = adventure
trav = travel
mar art = martial arts
esp = espionage, spy


ero = erotica
porn = pornography


fic = fiction [default, unmarked]
nf  = nonfiction [exceptional, marked]

gen = general fiction
bio = biographical fiction
con = contemporary fiction

hum = humor, comedy
par = parody

com age = coming of age
mid cri = midlife crisis

ant = anthology of short stories
poe = poetry
dra = drama

Historical, futuristic

his = historical
  alt his = alternative history
fut = futuristic
rev his = revisionist history

c = century

Horror, gothic, occult

hor = horror
got = gothic
occ = occult

Inspirational, religious

ins = inspirational
new age = new age


juv = juvenile, adolescent, teen
pic = picture books for children


rom = romance
rom med = medical romance
rom med nur = medical romance, nurses
rom sus = romantic suspense
his rom = historical romance
wes rom = western romance

Science fiction, fantasy

sci = science fiction
fan = fantasy fiction
his fan = historical fantasy

Triller, suspense

thr = thriller
cri thr = crime thriller
leg thr = legal thriller
med thr = medical thriller
pol thr = political thriller
psy thr = psychological thriller
sus = suspense


war = war
WW1 = World War I
WW2 = World War 2
war cri = war crimes
1SJ war = First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895)
2SJ war = Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)
RJ war = Russo-Japanese War
EA war = East Asian War
Pac war = Pacific War
Kor war = Korean War
Viet war = Vietnam War

cld war = cold war
civ war = civil war, revolutionary war, separatist war
gue war = guerrilla war, war of resistance
nuc war = nuclear war

war fut = future war
war alt his = alternative history of war

bru = brutality, atrocities
int = internment [and camps]
occ = occupation
pow = prisoner of war
sur = survival
vet = veteran
hib = hibakusha: Hiroshima, Nagasaki,
        and other atomic bomb survivors
  cf: nuc sur = nuclear survival


wes = western
wes rom = western romance
cow wes = cowboy western
ind wes = indian western


Ban = Bangkok
Bei = Beijing
DC = District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)
HK = Kongkong
Kyo = Kyoto
Lon = London
LA = Los Angeles
Man = Manila
Mel = Melbourne
Mos = Moscow
NY = New York
Sai = Saigon
Sea = Seattle
SEA = Southeast Asia
Syd = Sydney
SF = San Francisco
SH = Shanghai
Tok = Tokyo
Tor = Toronto

Ct = Chinatown
Jt = Japan town, Little Tokyo
Kt = Korea town, Little Seoul

Manz = Manzanar

PH = Pearl Harbor

Alp = Alps
And = Andes
Him = Himalayas
Rok = Rockies

Aus = Australia
Bra = Brazil
Bur = Burma, Myammar
Cal = California
Can = Canada
Cam = Cambodia, Kampochea
Chi = China
Fra = France
Ger = Germany
Gre = Greece
Haw = Hawaii
Hir = Hiroshima
Ind = India
Indo = Indonesia
Indchi = Indochina
Ita = Italy
Jam = Jamaica
Jpn = Japan
Kor = Korea
Lao = Laos
Mal = Malaysia
Man = Manchuria
Mon = Mongolia
Nag = Nagasaki
Nep = Nepal
Pak = Pakistan
Per = Persia, Persian Gulf
Phi = Philippines
Rus = Russia / USSR
Sing = Singapore
Spa = Spain
Sri = Sri Lanka
Sum = Sumatra
Swe = Sweden
Tai = Taiwan
Thai = Thailand, Siam
Tib = Tibet
UK = United Kingdom, Britain
US = United States
Viet = Vietnam


Crime and delinquency

bla = black mail
des = destiny
  his des = historical destiny
dru = drugs
ext = extortion
for = forensic medicine
fra = fraud
gam = gambling
kid = kidnapping
law = law
mur = murder
nuc = nuclear
  nuc bla = nuclear blackmail
  nuc sur = nuclear survival
    cf: hib = hibakusha
  nuc war = nucelar war
org = organized, gangs
porn = pornography
pro = prostitution
rob = robbery
sla = slavery, human trafficing
  blk sla = black slavery
  whi sla = white slavery
  yel sla = yellow slavery
smug = smuggling, drugs, guns, money
traf = trafficking, humans

Philosophy, religion, belief, faith

bud = Buddhism
chr = Christianity
jew = Judaism
isl = Islam
hin = Hinduism
new = new religion

mis = missionaries, evangelists, evangelism

new age = new age
uto = utopia

Politics, ideology, peril

aut = autonomy
cap = capitalism
col = colonialism, plantations
com = communism
dem = democracy
fan = fanaticism
int = international
  int rel = international relations
rev = revisionism
  his rev = historical revisionism
soc = socialism

dom = domination
inv = invasion
per = peril
  Chi per = China(ese) peril
  Jpn per = Japan(ese) peril
  red per = red (communist) peril
  whi per = white (race) peril
  yel per = yellow (race) peril
ter = terrorism
  bio ter = biological terrorism
  nuc ter = nuclear terrorism
ven = vengeance, revenge

Race, ethnicity, status, minorities

caste = caste, as in India
eth = ethnicity, raciality; ethnic, race
exp = expatriation, expats
soj = sojourners
for = foreigners, aliens
imm = immigration, immigrants
min = minorities
mix = mixed ethnicity, faith, nationality, race
mix eth = person of mixed ethnicity and/or race
rel = ethnic, faith, national, race relations
  eth rel = ethnic, race relations

Afr = Africa
Afr Am = African American
Ainu = Ainu
Am = America
Asi, As = Asia
As Am = Asian American
blk = black
buraku = buraku issues,  eta, hinin, "burakumin"
Chi, Cn = Chinese
Ch Am = Chinese American
Ind = Indian (South Asian Indians)
Jew = Jews
Jpn, Jp = Japanese
Jp Am = Japanese American
Kor, Kr = Korean
Kr Am = Korean American
nat = native(s), aboriginal(s), indigneous (people[s])
Nat Am = Native American
whi = white
yel = yellow

Sex and romance

mix rom = mixed, interracial, interethnic, interfaith,
          international, and other such romance,
          (including "interracial" when ethnicity
          or nationality vary within a similar race)
gay = homosexual males
les = homosexual females



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Nobuko Albery
1987 Absurd Courage gen con UK Lon exp mix rom
Gary Alexander
1988 Pigeon Blood cri mur SEA civ war drugs
1989 Unfunny Money
1989 Kiet and the Golden Peacock
1990 Kiet and the Opium War
1991 Deadly Drought
1992 Kiet Goes West
Fred Allhoff
1940 Lightning in the Night war fut US Ger nuc war
Chris Auer
2005 The Chinese Puzzle Box juv ins mys US Penn Chr



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Sara Backer
2001 American Fuji adv trav Jpn soj
Douglass Bailey
1986 Shimabara his civ war Jpn rel Chr mix rom
Susan Barker,
2006 Sayonara Bar thr cri Jpn Kansai mix rom
Emily Barr
2001 Backpack adv trav Ind soj
Pat Barr
1985 Kenjiro his rom Jpn mix rom
Dean Barrett
2003 Murder in China Red cri mur pi NY chinaman
Sarah Bird
2001 The Yokota Officers Club adv trav Jpn US soj US forces
Pierre Boulle
1952 Bridge on River Kwai UK Pac war Thai Bur pow
1952 Bridge over River Kwai US Pac war Thai Bur pow
1955 White Man's Test UK Pac war Sum Sing pow mix rom
1955 The Test US Pac war Sum Sing pow mix rom
1958 The Other Side of the Coin adv war Mal col mix rom
1959 S.O.P.H.I.A. adv Mal col mix rom
1963 Planet of the Apes US sci fan Soror human apes
1963 Monkey Planet UK sci fan Soror human apes
Robert O. Bowen
1951 The Weight of the Cross Pac war Phi eth rel pow
1953 Bamboo adv mil Phi mix rom
Marian Bower and Leon M. Lion
1919 The Chinese Puzzle thr esp Chi UK int rel
T. Coraghessan Boyle
1990 East Is East adv trav US Flor Jpn soj
Martin Bronfenbrenner
1952 Fusako and the Army Pac war occ Jpn Tomioka eth rel mix rom
1975 Tomioka Stories Pac war occ Jpn Tomioka eth rel mix rom
Alan Brown
1996 Audrey Hepburn's Neck gen adv Jpn Hok Tok eth rel mix rom
John Brown
1983 Zaibatsu FEER thr mur New Guinea Jpn per
1983 Zaibatsu JT thr mur New Guinea Jpn per
Marshall Browne
2005 Rendezvous at Kamakura Inn cri mur Jpn Tok Hok MPD detective
Thomas Burke
1916 Limehouse Nights adv UK Lon Ct eth rel
1916 The Chink and the Child adv mur UK Lon Ct eth rel mix rom
1917 Twinkletoes adv UK Lon Ct eth rel mix rom
aka Chinatown Baby adv UK Lon Ct eth rel mix rom
1921 Whispering Windows adv UK Lon Ct eth rel mix rom
aka More Limehouse Nights adv UK Lon Ct eth rel mix rom
Hector C. Bywater
1925 The Great Pacific War war fut Pacific Jpn per



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
George Campbell
1958 Cry for Happy Pac war occ Jpn Tok eth rel mix rom
Jack L. Chalker
Well of Souls series sci fan universe mix eth rel
1977 Midnight at Well of Souls Well of Souls 1
1978 Exiles at the Well of Souls Well of Souls 2
1978 Quest for the Well of Souls Well of Souls 3
1980 The Return of Nathan Brazil Well of Souls 4
1980 Twilight at the Well of Souls Well of Souls 5
1999 The Sea is Full of Stars Well of Souls 6
2000 Ghost of the Well of Souls Well of Souls 7
Whitman Chambers
1943 Invasion! war fut US Cal LA Jpn per
Leonard Chang
2001 Over the Shoulder cri mur US Sil Val Kr Am
James Hadley Chase
1940 Twelve Chinks and a Woman cri mur sla NY Florida mix rom Chink
1948 12 Chinamen and a Woman cri mur sla NY Florida mix rom Chink
1970 The Doll's Bad News UK cri mur sla NY Florida mix rom Chink
Elliott Chaze
1947 Stainless Steel Kimono Pac war occ Jpn Sendai eth rel mix rom
Frank Chin
1991 Donald Duk com age SF Ct eth rel
1994 Gunga Din Highway con par Hollywood Charlie Chan
Nick Christian
1986 Ronin AEN thr mur NY Jpn per
1986 Ronin JT thr mur NY Jpn per
Agatha Christie
1939 Ten Little Niggers cri ser mur UK title
1940 And then There Were None cri ser mur UK title
1965 Ten Little Indians cri ser mur UK title
William S. Cohen
2006 Dragon Fire pol thr US Chi Tai viet vet
Robert Conroy
2007 1945 war alt his US Jpn mix rom
2009 1942 war alt his US Haw eth rel mix rom
Saul Cooper
1961 My Geisha rom hum US Jpn blonde geisha
John Creasey
1965 The Baron . . . Chinese Puzzle cri mur UK Ind HK art antiques
Michael Crichton
1992 Rising Sun MS cri mur LA Jpn per
1992 Rising Sun WW cri mur LA Jpn per
Solomon Cruso
1933 Last of Japs and Jews war fut 1980s 2390 jews japs
Cunde (Louis M. Munz)
1988 Japanese Snapshots gen ant Jpn Tok exp
Clare Curzon
1998 All Unwary cri mur UK Wales mix rom off



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Paul Daniels
1958 The Transistor Girls adv esp Jpn Tok eth rel cri pro
Robert Davis
1989 Kimura cri mur US Cal SF int mix rom
Ross Davy
1985 Kenzo: A Tokyo Story adv trav Jpn Tok mix rom gay
Jerome Denver
1964 Ne-San adv esp Jpn Tok eth rel cri pro
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
1903 Adventure of Empty House cri mys UK Lon baritsu
Marele Day
1990 Case of Chinese Boxes his cri mur Syd Ct Triads
H.B. Drake
1929 Shinju thr Jpn sui shinju
1929 The Children Reap adv Tai eth rel nat



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Winnifred Eaton (see also Onoto Watanna)
1915 Me: A Book of Remembrance gen bio Can Jam US mix rom eth rel
Barry Eisler
2002 Rain Fall thr mar art Jpn Tok Viet vet mix eth
Wesley Ellis
1982 Lone Star series wes mar art Texas mix eth
Katherine Wigmore Eyre
1959 The Chinese Box mys sus his SF Ct China trade
1968 The Sandalwood Fan mys sus SF Ct HI HK Chinese amah



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Paula Fairman
1981 Jasmine Passion his rom Chi US SF eth rom ero
Ian Fleming
1964 You Only Live Twice spy thr UK Jpn James Bond
Thomas Fleming
1987 Time and Tide Pac war US Jpn mix rom eth rel
Bruce Jay Friedman
1985 Tokyo Woes adv trav Jpn Tok soj mix rom
Kenneth D. Frost
1987 The Yankee Samurai cri mur Jpn Anju occ blk mar
1988 Blood Ties cri mur Jpn Tok mix off
Robert T. Frost
1958 Okinawan Venture Pac war occ Oki Kozaki mix rom eth rel



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
David Galef
1998 Turning Japanese gen adv Jpn soj adv
Katy Gardner
2002 Losing Gemma adv trav Ind Aus soj uto
Alex Garland
1997 The Beach adv trav Thai UK soj uto
Hal Gold
2003 Neutral War Pac war Jpn Swe mix rom
Noah Gordon
1962 Bamboo Ward rom med nur US SEA eth rel cld war



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Jessica Hall
2003 The Kissing Blades rom thr US Cal eth rel
John Harris
2001 The Backpacker adv trav Ind soj
Mo Hayder
2004 Tokyo thr cri Jpn Chi Nanjing 1937
Henry Henn
1977 The Papa San Files thr cri Jpn Tok mix off
Dianne Highbridge
1999 In the Empire of Dreams adv trav Jpn Tok rom bud exp
James Hilton
1933 Lost Horizon adv fan Shangri-La mix rom uto
Naomi Hirahara
2004 Summer of the Big Bachi mys Pac war US Cal Jpn Jn Am hib
Thomas Hoover
1988 The Samurai Strategy thr mur US Jpn per
Earnest Hoberecht
1946 Tokyo Romance Pac war occ Jpn Tok eth rel mix rom
1947 Shears of Destiny rom US Oklahoma Steinbeck



Year Title Genre Setting Theme



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Clive James
1991 Brrm! Brrm! adv trav UK Jpn mix rom geisha
Captain W.E. Johns
1955 Biggles' Chinese Puzzle juv adv cri Saigon money smug



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Suzanne Kamata
2008 Losing Kei gen adv Jpn exp mix rom
H.R.F. Keating
1960 Zen there was murder cri mur UK zen swords
Harry Stephen Keeler
1932 The Box From Japan war fut NY Jpn per
Kim Wong Keltner
2008 Buddha Baby gen con US SF eth rel mix rom
Laura Kinsale
1991 The Shadow and the Star his rom Haw Jpn mar art
Matthew Kneale
1987 Whore Banquets MS adv trav Jpn Tok UK mix rom soj
2002 aka Mr Foreigners WW adv trav Jpn Tok UK soj mix rom
Hari Kunzru,
2004 Transmission adv trav US Ind soj



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Homer Lea
1909 The Valor of Ignorance war fut nf US Cal LA Jpn per
Don Lee
2004 Country of Origin MS thr cri mur Jpn Tok min mix Kr Am
2004 Country of Origin WW thr cri mur Jpn Tok min mix Kr Am
Leon Le Grand
1986 The Two-Ten Conspiracy thr his des Aus Jpn US nuc bla
Jim Lehrer
2000 The Special Prisoner MS Pac war US LA Jpn pow ven law
2000 The Special Prisoner WW Pac war US LA Jpn pow ven law
Brad Leithauser
1985 Equal Distance adv trav Jpn soj
Simon Lewis
1998 Go adv trav UK soj
Lewis Libby
1996 The Apprentice thr cri mur Jpn Sea youth romance
William J. Lin
1950s Hari-Kari 2SJ war Chi sui seppuku
Paul Loewen
1988 Butterfly Meiji WW2 Ger Jpn Nag mix rom eth
Eric van Lustbader
1984 The Miko FEER thr mar art Jpn Jpn per
1984 The Miko JT thr mar art Jpn Jpn per
1985 Jian thr cri org Chi HK Jpn pol com
1986 Shan thr cri org Chi HK Jpn pol com



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Kenneth Mackay
1895 The Yellow Wave war fut
Dan Mahoney
2001 The Two Chinatowns cri mur US Can HK NY Ct Tor Ct
Marsden Manson
1907 Yellow Peril in Action war fut US Chi yel per
John P. Marquand
1935 Ming Yellow adv mys mur China Ming vase
1938 Mr. Moto Is So Sorry esp mur Jpn Kor Chi war col
1956 Mr. Moto's Three Aces cri mur esp Chi Jpn US esp Jpn per
1983 Mr. Moto: Four . . . Novels cri mur esp Chi Jpn US esp Jpn per
Robert Martin
1960 The Chinese Box juv mys UK
Raymond Mason
1954 And Two Shall Meet Pac war occ Jpn Nagoya mix rom
Richard Mason
1947 The Wind Cannot Read Pac war Ind Bur mix rom
1947 aka Far From Home Pac war Ind Bur mix rom
1949 The Shadow and the Peak rom sus Jamaica eth rel leprosy
1949 aka A Passionate Summer rom sus Jamaica eth rel leprosy
1957 The World of Suzie Wong rom sus HK exp mix rom
1962 The Fever Tree thr esp Ind Nep mix rom
Sujata Massey
2004 The Pearl Diver thr cri Jpn Jn Am mix
Peter May
2004 Chinese Whispers cri mur pro Beijing mix rom
Marjorie McEvoy
1973 The Chinese Box got mys UK HK friendship
Jay McInerney
1985 Ransom adv trav Jpn Kyo US soj mar art
William P. McGivern
1946 Manchu Terror adv esp mur Shanghai chinaman
Milton McGovern
1924 Moon Became a Chinaman ins US Chi chr mis yel per
John McPartland
1953 Tokyo Doll thr Jpn Tok blonde geisha
1954 Affair in Tokyo thr rom Jpn Tok drugs
James A. Michener
1947 Tales of the South Pacific Pac war Sou Pac mix rom
1949 Return to Paradise Pac war Sou Pac mix rom
1953 The Bridges at Toko-ri Kor war Kor Jpn mix rom
1954 Sayonara Pac war occ Jpn eth rel mix rom
1959 Hawaii His Haw US Jpn eth rel mix rom
Kirk Mitchell
1988 Black Dragon cri mur US Cal Manz int mix rom
Nicole Mones
1998 Lost in Translation mys thr rom Chi Bei Peking Man
2002 A Cup of Light mys thr rom Chi Bei porcelain
Christopher G. Moore
2004 Calvino 8 Pattaya 24/7 cri mur pi Thailand post-9/11
Henry Mynton
1999 The Pachinko Woman cri mur esp Jpn Kor US koreans ianpu



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Barbara Nadel
2005 The Ottoman Cage cri thr Tur Ist drugs eth rel
Christopher New
1975 The Chinese Box gen pol HK exp mix rom
Amelie Nothomb
2001 Fear and Trembling adv trav Jpn Tok soj



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Marc Olden
Black Samurai series thr mar art US world blaxploitation
1974 Black Samurai Black Samurai 1
1974 The Golden Kill Black Samurai 2
1974 Killer Warrior Black Samurai 3
1974 The Deadly Pearl Black Samurai 4
1974 The Inquisition Black Samurai 5
1975 The Warlock Black Samurai 6
1975 Sword of Allah Black Samurai 7
1975 The Katana Black Samurai 8
1983 Dai-Sho FEER thr mar art NY Jpn per
1983 Dai-Sho JT thr mar art NY Jpn per
1986 Gaijin AEN thr mar art Jpn Jpn per
1986 Gaijin JT thr mar art Jpn Jpn per
1987 Oni thr mar art US Jpn per



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
I.J. Parker
2006 Black Arrow cri mur Jpn Echigo 11th century
Eliot Pattison
2002 Bone Mountain cri mur Tib rel aut



Year Title Genre Setting Theme



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Jean Raspail
1958 Welcome Honorable Visitors gen adv Jpn eth rel rom
1973 The Camp of the Saints gen fur Fra Ind eth rel imm per
Thomas Raucat
1927 The Honorable Picnic adv trav Jpn soj
Will Rhode
2002 Paperback Original adv trav Ind UK soj
2002 aka Paperback Raita adv trav Ind UK soj
Donald Richie
1956 This Scorching Earth Pac war occ Jpn eth rel
1986 aka Where Are the Victors? Pac war occ Jpn eth rel
1968 Companions of the Holiday Gen Jpn Tokyo eth rel
Sax Rohmer
1913 Fu Manchu 1 UK Mystery mys mur UK yel per mix rom
1913 Fu Manchu 1 US Insidious mys mur UK yel per mix rom
Laura Joh Rowland
1994 Shinju his cri mur Jpn Edo shinju
Charlotte Royal
1998 The Barbarian Geisha his porn Jpn 16c 17c eth rel ero



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Steven Schlossstein
1983 Kensei FEER thr mar art Jpn Jpn per
1983 Kensei JT thr mar art Jpn Jpn per
John Burnham Schwartz
1989 Bicycle Days adv trav Jpn Tok soj
Richard Setlowe
1999 Sexual Occupation of Japan thr mur Jpn mix rom
2001 aka The Deal thr mur Jpn mix rom
M. P. Shiel
1899 The Yellow Danger war fut
1905 The Yellow Wave war fut
1913 The Dragon war fut
1929 aka The Yellow Peril war fut
Nevil Shute
1947 The Chequer Board WW2 cri UK Bur vet eth rel
1950 A Town Like Alice Pac war rom Mal Aus pow bru runion
1950 aka The Legacy Pac war rom Mal Aus pow bru runion
1951 Round the Bend Pac war adv Per Bur Indo mix eth new
Gerald Chan Sieg
1970 The Chinese Christmas Box juv mys US Georgia Cn Am
Ian Slater
1994 MacArthur Must Die war alt his Australia mix rom
Sui Sin Far
1912 Mrs. Spring Fragrance . . . gen bio US Cn Am mix eth
William Sutcliffe
1997 Are You Experienced? adv trav Ind UK soj



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Brian M. Thomsen and Martin H. Greenberg
2001 A Date . . . in Infamy war alt his US Haw PH int rel his rev
John Toland
1984 Gods of War Pac war rev US Jpn mix rom eth rel
1987 Occupation Pac war Jpn war cri
Thaddeus Tuleja
1977 Land of Precious Snow his adv fan US NY Tib



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Dorothy Uhnak
1997 Codes of Betrayal cri mur US NY Mafia Ct



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Cay Van Ash
1987 The Fires of Fu Manchu cri mur Egypt Fu Manchu
1988 . . . Beyond Baker Street cri mur UK Lon Fu Manchu



Year Title Genre Setting Theme
Onoto Watanna (see also Winnifred Eaton)
Ten romantic novels adv rom Jpn US mix rom eth rel
1899 A Half Caste
1899 Miss Nume of Japan
1901 A Japanese Nightingale
1902 The Wooing of Wistaria
1903 The Heart of Hyacinth
1904 The Love of Azalea
1904 Daughters of Nijo
1906 A Japanese Blossom
1910 Tama
1912 Honorable Miss Moonlight
1922 Sunny-San
Richard Wiley
1986 Soldiers in Hiding Pac war Phi Jn Am
H. Paul Wilson
1988 Black Wind Pac war US Jpn mix rom eth rel
Shawn Hsu Wong
1979 Homebase com age US Cal eth rel
1995 American Knees con mid cri SF Bay Area mix rom eth rel



Year Title Genre Setting Theme



Year Title Genre Setting Theme



Year Title Genre Setting Theme