Sherlock Holmes faces Fu Manchu

The yellow peril incarnate comes to Baker Street

By William Wetherall

First posted 22 October 2005
Last updated 1 August 2006


Cay Van Ash
Ten Years Beyond Baker Street
(Sherlock Holmes matches wits with the diabolical Dr. Fu Manchu)
New York: Harper & Row, 1988
xii, 436 pages, paperback Hardcover edition 1984

Cay Van Ash wrote two novels featuring Fu Manchu and had promised a third at time of his death. The first was Yen Years Beyond Baker Street, a cross-over work that brought Sherlock Holmes face to face with Fu Manchu.

The blurb on the back cover of the Perennial Mystery Library edition pictured here baits our curiosity as follows.

It was ten years beyond Baker Street. The great detective was living in restless retirement among his bees in the wilds of Sussex. But an old warhorse will ever thrill to the trumpet of battle, and when a distraught Dr. Petrie begged his help to resuce Nayland Smith from the clutches of the fiendish Dr. Fu Manchu, Holmes, though reluctant, could not resist.

The Fires of Fu Manchu (see below), the second of Van Ash's tributes to Sax Rohmer, came out three years later. The third was slated to be called The Seal of Fu Manchu.

See also Lawrence Knapp's Ten Years Beyond Baker Street for images of earlier editions with more inspired cover art.