Jasmine Passion

Le' Sing's California quest

By William Wetherall

First posted 10 October 2006
Last updated 15 October 2006


Paula Fairman
Jasmine Passion
New York: Pinnacle Books, 1981
292 pages, paperback

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Born of an impassioned and clandestine love between a Chinese princess and a handsome American captain, Le' Sing lost her mother at birth -- her father disappeared.

Raised in a temple and trained in the art of love, when she finally came of age, Le' Sing was given a letter to be delivered to her missing father -- somewhere in California.

Le' Sing leaves China intent on her bold mission, but rough and ready men track the beautiful young priestess's every move and in her wake she leaves a trail strewn with broken hearts and jasmine passion until one powerful man's promise of love catapults her into a dazzling world of eternal desire.

Jasmine Passion follows a beautiful young girl from her temple in China to the Barbary Coast of California -- another exotic story of romance and passion by best-selling author Paula Fairman.

Teaser on fly


Captain Jim Lyons heard a sound and looked over to see the door opened just a crack. Through it he could see Pai, staring out at him. She was as beautiful as ever, her lashes long and black, as graceful as palm fronds -- her hair rolled and held in place with ivory combs.

"What is it?" Jim asked, smiling at her stealth.

"Pai opened the door, and as soon as he stepped through it, Pai closed it behind him, and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his lips down to hers for a kiss. Jim, surprised by her boldness, recovered quickly, and returned her kiss with enthusiasm.

"Pai felt the warmth spreading through her as he kissed her, and she gave in to it. Pai pulled at her lover, drawing him toward a mat on the floor until they were both lying on it, body to body. She was driven nearly insensible by the powerful yearnings within, and when she felt him removing her clothes, her need intensified with each article of clothing removed.

"Finally Pai lay totally nude on the mat before Jim. He caught his breath at what he saw. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever beheld. Her golden skin shone over her swelling breasts and full thighs, and looked dark and mysterious where her perfect curves were half-hidden in shadows. Her eyes had a strange, sexual look.

"My God, you are wonderful," Jim said, his tongue thick with passion. When his clothes were removed he came down to her and bent over her, trapping her mouth with his own. Pai was with a naked man for the first time in her life, as she felt his manhood against her leg . . .

You have to read only as far as page 37 to re-read this scene and follow it to climax. Jasmine Passion is one of 14 titles in the series. Each title features different characters in different settings.

Paula Fairman's roots

Paula Fairman is the daughter of the science fiction writer Paul W. Fairman (1916-1977). Her father also wrote erotica, but as F.W. Paul, an inversion of his name, as though to say the genre is an inversion of science fiction.

Paul W. Fairman, the father, also wrote Gothic romance and horror fiction as Janet Lovesmith and Paulette Warren, possibly with his daughter's help.

Janet Lovesmith

Popular Library

1971 Inherit the Shadows
1971 Legacy of Fear [Vermachtnis der Furcht, 1974]
1972 The Lock

Paulette Warren

Lancer Books

1965 Ravenkill (Lancer, 157 pages)
1973 Ravenkill (Prestige Books)
1965 Some Beckoning Wraith (174 pages)
1967 Nurse of Brooding Mansion
1968 Storm Over Bitterhill (also Manor?)
1969 Ghost at Ravenkill Manor
1969 Night Falls at Bitterhill [Bitterhill Saga 2]
1971 The Shadowed Staircase (190 pages)
1972 Horror House


1967 [Nurse of] Brooding Mansion (Magnum)
1973 Brooding Mansion (Prestige Books, 176 pages)
[Originally "Nurse of Brooding Mansion"]

Popular Library

1972 Hazard House (320 pages)

Manor Books

1976 Dark Shadows at Bitterhill
1976 Golden Girl (316 pages)

Berkley Publishing

1976 Caliban's Castle (172 pages)
1976 Search in the Shadows
1976 Apprentice in Terror (Jay Garon, 185 pages)
1976 Lady Sinister
1977 I Take This Stranger

Paula Fairman, the daughter, has written more erotic contemporary and historical romance fiction as both Paula Fairman and Paula Moore.

Paula Fairman

Pinnacle Books

1977 Forbidden Destiny
1978 In Savage Splendor
1980 Southern Rose
1979 The Fury and the Passion
1979 Storm of Desire
1981 Jasmine Passion
1980 Ports of Passion
1980 The Tender and the Savage
1982 Valley of the Passions
1982 Wildest Passion
1983 Passion's Promise
1983 River of Passion
1984 Range of Passion
1984 Wild Hearts

Paula Moore

Dell Publishing

1979 Hearts Divided
1980 The Love Pirate

Pocket Books (London)

1980 The Golden Rapture


1980 The Perfect Couple

Simon & Schuster

1981 The Perfect Couple

Paradise Press / Richard Gallen

1982 Nothing But Roses

Capital Distributing

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